Difference between Sweets and desserts

All we can think about when we start discussing sweets and desserts is all the delicious options we have. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, satisfy your craving with anything from candy to ice cream to a special treat. But did you realise that desserts and sweets are two entirely different categories of food? Does that come as a surprise to you? There are many people that confuse sweets with dessert in covent garden because of this.


British English has a different word for candy — “sweets” — than American English does. Typically, sugar is the primary sweetener in these treats. Surely you’re familiar with the phrase “Sugar Confectionary”! Snacks like chocolate, gum, and sugar confectionery fall under the category of sweets.


However, desserts are typically served towards the end of a meal. Packaged together are sweets and fruits, together with a drink like wine or liqueur. Perfectly made coffee, cheese, almonds, and other savoury delights may be included.