Most Important CSGO Betting Stats

Recent Results

While Csgo gambling this is First and foremost, the most current results of both the team! Check out Team A and Team B’s prior results before placing a wager on a match between them. Determine how they fought, which maps they used, which maps they banned, and how their best players fared. Though tedious, this method will help you gain a better grasp on the current game.

Recent Head-to-Head Clashes

When you’ve finished looking at the most recent results, move on to the head-to-head matchups section of the CSGO betting statistics. You may learn a lot about the strengths and limitations of the two teams’ map pools by studying recent head-to-head matches, especially bo3.

Prior to making major squad changes, don’t worry too much about head-to-head matchups. H2H clashes won’t tell you anything if there has been a recent two-man switch in the starting lineup because the positions in the team must have altered in the new starting roster.

Players’ ADR and KAST

ADR (average damage per round) and KAST (knockout rate) are next (kill, assist, survived, or traded). If you’re acquainted with ADR, you’ll know that it tells you far more about a player than just his score does, and it’s been around for a long time.

We’re aware that KAST isn’t the most relevant number out there, but it does a better job of illustrating a player’s influence than their total rating. A player’s form may be gleaned from a combination of KAST and IMPACT (rounds with multiple kills, opening kills, and clutches). To gain a better sense of a team’s propensity for fagging, combine these two factors.

Map Pool Statistics

Final statistics on the map pool. Both bo5s and bo3s rely on them, but so do bo1s. While map pool prowess and a little bit of luck play a role in the latter, the metrics still matter a lot.

HLTV, on the other hand, does an excellent job doing this. It’s simple to examine both teams’ map pool stats over the past three months on their main match page. On the team’s main page, click on their stats and then pick maps if you want further information. Filter out the specifics and evaluate the findings after you’ve arrived.