Tips to give yourself a face massage

Make sure to prep your skin first.

It is recommended to clean your hands with warm water with antibacterial soap. You should also tie your hair back to keep any possible germs out of the way. It is also important to cleanse your face prior to massaging. If you’re looking to create a spa-like experience try steaming your face before using facial massager. This will open up pores, which will allow any products you apply to be more easily absorbed.

You can incorporate massage into the skincare steps you’re already doing.

A facial massage may sound like a second unnecessary part of your skin care routine. However, just two minutes per day can prevent wrinkles and help relax your mind. It’s ideal to reserve time each morning and evening, however a short facial massage every few days each week will give you the benefits. Spend a bit more time massaging your face with your cleanser and moisturizer that you’re already applying.

Choose the right product when you massage.

A facial massage can give you the chance to boost the absorption rate of the product you’re applying. The warmth of your fingers and motion of rubbing aids in the absorption of your serum and cleanser will dissolve more of your makeup.

Your hands are enough, but there are also tools you can use to help.

When using your fingers to massage your face isn’t enough it is also a variety of devices that aid the process of facial massage. While they appear like sex toys you’ll find on the counter in your bathroom but these products have a lot of power in delivering results.

A facial massage can do more than make your skin look good.

If you’re trying to improve the firmness of your skin, using intense, stimulating motions. If it’s sensitive to touch, acne-prone and oily she recommends using a gentle touch and lesser pressure. One of the advantages of facial massage besides glowing skin is lymphatic drainage. This system of lymphatics is accountable for transporting White blood cells through the entire body. They are responsible for clearing out toxic substances.

Keep your eye area out of the equation

Since the skin around your eyes is so soft it’s not able to withstand as much pressure and massage as the other parts of your face. To help reduce puffy eyes gentle rolling and pressing movements using your ring fingers from the tear ducts towards the outside corners of your eye.