Unknown Facts about poker

Amongst all the casino games, poker is indeed one of the most popular ones. No matter how much you love this game, there are still some facts that we are sure you haven't heard of before.

Let us discuss a few of them here below:

1. Do you know when was the first online poker game played with real cash? Online poker with real money made it to the market on January 1, 1998. Planet Poker was the first online casino to make this possible. Who knew this small change would give birth to a giant multi-millionaire industry!

2. If you are a good observer, you would have noticed a lot of Chinese players wearing red to the casinos. Well, this is probably because they believe red to be an auspicious color that could bless them with good fortune.

3. We all know that people follow a lot of superstitions while they play casino games, especially the games of fortune. But did you know that the highly superstitious ones even go to the extent of playing it in dirty clothes? Yes, a lot of superstitious people do believe that dirty clothes tend to wash off their bad fortune and instead, make them win big.

4. Many of you might not know that poker isn't just a game of entertainment. Its rather regarded as a mind sport by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA). So, next time whoever calls you an out-of-work man wasting time on poker, tell them to honor this mind sport by characterizing you as an athlete.

5. Before the 1830s, the game of poker was played with mere 20 cards distributing 5 each to all four players. It was only after 1830, that the game started to include 52 cards.

6. Nowadays, it has become a common thing to view poker tournaments on the web or certain television channels. However, this wasn't a regular event 40 years back. The first poker tournament was broadcasted by CBS Sports in 1973.

7. There are several rumors of former President Richard Nixon being a pro at poker. The buzzes also say that his first political campaign was also sponsored by the money he won at the poker table.

Weren't these facts too interesting? Well, just like these facts, the game of poker is also extremely fascinating and rewarding.

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